The media may not be as familiar with Tanki Online as it is with many other games, because this multi-player online shoot-em-up is more popular in Russia than in America or Britain. That’s a shame, because Tanki Online is not only a fabulous third-person tank game, it’s immensely popular. Around five million players participate monthly, and nearly 100,000 are playing online at any time.
In Tanki Online, you buy upgrades (like guns and speed boosts) and supplies with the crystals that you win in battles. Since it’s a multi-player game, though, the prize for coming out victorious has to be divided among all of the participants – and if you get into the battle late, you get even fewer crystals. The end result is that it takes a long time to build your war chest and advance in rank.
Unless you use our free Tanki Online cheats.

The Tanki Online Hack
Why spend days or weeks just fighting to get enough crystals to buy some red paint or ammo when you can get everything you need for free, immediately? Tanki Online cheats let you shop and upgrade to your heart’s content, by adding crystals to your game account with the click of your mouse or a tap on your screen.
There’s absolutely no risk using our Tanki online hack, because you don’t have to download a program to your device or install any software. Everything is done through a simple web interface; you only have to enter your game login (and never your password) and select the number of crystals you want added to your account. Click the start button, and the crystals are yours within seconds – game administrators will never even know, and you can spend the currency any way you please. You’re even able to upgrade your game rank by using the Tanki Online cheats on our site.
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A Dizzying Variety Of Game Play Modes
You can use your crystals to take charge of any one of the Tanki Online modes: Capture the Flag, Control Points, Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch, on any of the maps you choose to play. Pick a night or day battle, winter or summer mode, even use the PRO mode to include friendly fire and other hazardous options in your battles. This huge array of options is what makes Tanki Online so challenging and enjoyable to play, and you can dominate every type of firefight possible in the game.
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You can play the game slowly and carefully by gradually building your resources, or you can jump into your tank and take over the game immediately with the help of our free Tanki Online hack. The choice should be an easy one.